Some Notes on this DEMO System

This system provides pages that "walk" users through the process, starting with a page that allows them to select their desired event. For clarity and simplicity, this DEMO manages only one event. Our system can manage as many simultaneous events as you require, keeping track of registration, billing, payments and changes for each event (it can report on events individually or collectively, as you choose).

With a few limitations, this DEMO is fully operational. Clicking on the link below will take you to a screen that identifies the event and prompts you to choose a type of registrant (Individual/Group, Exhibitor or Presenter).

Once a user has chosen the registrant type, they are taken to a Registration Guide. This screen familiarizes your members or customers with the registration process and alerts them to options and short-cuts that are available.

We suggest that you try a registration. It is fully functional, and upon completion, you will receive a sample e-mail invoice that includes payment instructions.

Please note that in order to see this invoicing feature, you must enter a valid e-mail address. No-one else has access to e-mail addresses that are entered into this DEMO system, and they are not displayed in the reports.

Your e-mail address will be used ONLY for sending you the sample invoice.
We NEVER contact you, and we NEVER provide this to others

If you need more information or wish to discuss this system with Conference Solutions, LLC,
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All other information is displayed in the reports, and the reports are available to anyone viewing this DEMO system, so we suggest that you enter fictitious personal and organizational data when you try the system.

When users complete the first registration, they are prompted to "Finish" or "Register another attendee with the same billing information". This process continues until all attendees have been registered (whether one or dozens).

After you have registered, we suggest that you review the Sample Reports (from the link on the home page).

When you are ready to try the system, click on:

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