Some Notes on this DEMO System

This system is fully operational. The panel below identifies the reports that are available.

For this DEMO, we have selected some representative reports. In the EventManager Report, you will be shown some of the information on each registrant. You may view this information by type of registrant (Individual/Group, Exhibitor or Presenter), and within these views you may sort on several fields (Tracking number, Paid status, Last Name or Organization).

The reports that are available to you are almost limitless, and can include queries and searches in addition to the pre-formatted reports shown in this DEMO.

We suggest that you try a registration, if you have not already done so. Then you will see your registration data in the appropriate reports.

When you are ready to view the system reports, click on your selection, below (other reports are available from the EventManager Report)

EventManager Report (shows you the most often needed data on your registrants)

Financials (shows you a capsule view of total registrants and registrants by type, and it displays Paid, Unpaid and their respective dollar amounts)

Event Total Report (shows you all of the data in your database; useful for downloading to a local spreadsheet for further data review/manipulation)